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Some More Pickle Pease


Spreading Happiness in every bottle 

About Us

It was one of those lockdown Sundays when my mom decided to prepare prawns pickle by giving her own innovative touch to it. The moment we all family members tasted, we were falling short of words to express. And right then after, me & my mom decided to start a pickle business in April 2020. A medium spicy pickle made from fresh red prawns & vinegar is added to it as a preservative. Quality has always been our main focused right from first day, so we always maintain our quality standards right from using ingredients to packaging. We deliver these pickle at your doorstep and at a reasonable rate. 



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Ingredients Blended Together

Fresh Red Prawns
Bird Eye Red Chillies
Peeled Garlic
White Vinegar
Pickle Masala
Groundnut Oil

3 Things To Remember Before Purchasing

Shelf Life: 2 months

Shelf Life: 2 months

Avoid Using We Hands

Store it in dry place

Payment Accepted