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About Me

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Folks Out There 🙌.

My name is REEMA KARNIK (Marathi Mulgi), a passionate girl from city of dreams “I think you must have already guessed city name by now”

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s “AAMCHI MUMBAI

Here people come from various parts of country to fulfill their dreams and I am proud to be born & brought up in this city.

I am a hotel management grad from city of London. As I was always passionate about cooking, I preferred to do my internship with one of most renowned Modern Indian resturant as a chef for 2 years in London. I learnt lot of new techniques in cooking, plating & presenting it to guests but eventually I took a shift in my profession from being a hotelier to e-commerce industry after returning back to India. Early this year 2020, I started my Insta page @tasteiwish & I realized that passion of food designing is still alive in me. But this lockdown period made me realize, I have much more to give than this and i shouldnt stop myself from exploring. I felt I should curate & start something on my own and so I am here in front of you all.

I am also an entrepreneur who started small food business of Prawns Pickle. I have successfully delivered the orders of 25-30 people in 1 week which was a positive start for me to get such a good response for my innovative tryout. Looking forward to get more business #vocalforlocal

Here’s all about me….Happy to stay connected with all of you in my wonderful journey.