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Cuts of Lamb

Leg – Lamb has two hind legs which produce the cut referred to as “RAAN” * (راanن). It is large, lean & tender cut or it can be subdivided into smaller/curry cuts. Leg of lamb is cooked using dry methods like roasting.

Shank – Cut of lamb which is taken from shoulder or lower portion of lamb’s leg which can be taken from front leg (fore shank) or back leg (hind shank). It is tough cut of meat but it can be the source of flavorful dishes if braised or slow-cooked.

Rack – This cut is taken from ribs of the lamb. It can be sold single or with the ribs on both sides. It is normally cooked over a grill or barbecue.

Rump/Chump – A small boneless meat which is a very tender cut with loads of flavor. It is larger and with a firmer texture than sirloin steak.

Saddle of lamb – This cut is from mid section of lamb which is attached to the backbone. It is large & expensive cut of meat which is rolled & tied with string.

Chops – This cut is taken from several parts of lamb like loin, rib, and sirloin. Chops are tender & easy to cook.

Neck – An inexpensive cut of meat. It is a tough cut that needs very long, slow cooking

Shoulder – Itis best cooked by braising, stewing, roasting or grilling. Remains tough unless it is cooked for a long time.

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