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5 Best Indian Sweets for Diwali Festival

When I listen to the word “Sweets”, I jump out of my bed and run towards the kitchen to grab those without wasting any seconds. Does this happen to you?

If you are calorie conscious person but you are fond of sweets at the same time, I am sure you tend to forget your diet and start eating as you never had before

But once in a while, everything is ok and especially when it’s a festive season, a big “YES” to sweets.

You can bring sweets from outside but that would cost you a lot. 

I would recommend to try out some of the traditional Indian sweets easy recipes at home this Diwali and then give a try for complicated ones once you are an expert

In India, there are 80+ varieties of sweets, and each sweet has its own peculiar taste. Most of the Indian sweets/mithais are loaded with pure ghee

Being India has a diversified culture, sweets have their own festive significance

We have recently celebrated Diwali – the festival of lights. 

Many of us have made or ordered sweets for the Diwali party to distribute to your loved ones & also to eat for this festive occasion

To add more sweetness to the festive occasion, here are those five must-have Indian sweets which can add zest to your Diwali party


Karanji is a croissant shaped deep-fried layered pastry made especially on the occasion of Diwali by Maharashtrians. The outer covering of karanji looks similar to eating a Khari biscuit which is made of semolina. The filling of this pastry is made up of dried coconut & powdered sugar. After resting semolina dough for 4-5 hours, it should be divided into 3-4 portions. Each sub-portion should be then divided into 3 portions if you are looking forward to making colorful karanjis. Roll out these 3 portions like a round shape chapati and keep one on the top of the others (Keep colored ones in the center). Start rolling these into a cylindrical shape roll. And cut this roll into 6-7 portions. Then start rolling out each portion forming the shape of puri. Fill 1 ½ – 2 tsp of sweet coconut filling and apply milk wash on all the sides evenly. Close the outer covering so well, so that filling doesn’t come out of it. Cut the extra portion with a Karanji cutter to get a zig-zag shape at the entire edge of it. Now we are all set to fry these yummy karanjis in melted ghee. Take ghee in a kadhai, let it heat well, and then lower the flame. Add each karanji to hot melted ghee and start frying it, don’t let it get brown from the top. You will see the formation of layers as soon as you leave it in a kadhai. My home chef (mommy) is an expert in making these every year. This is a mandatory sweet to be made at home, without this doesn’t feel like it is Diwali. We avoid this particular sweet to be ordered from outside as it doesn’t taste the same as my mom makes, crispy and mouth-melting. 

TIP: If you want to make colorful Karanjis, add food emulsion (Color + Flavour)



Anarsa is an Indian pastry-like snack commonly associated with the Hindu festival of Diwali

Anarsas are made from soaked powdered rice, jaggery, or sugar poppy seeds & ghee. The rice is soaked in water for three days, with the water changed daily to mitigate fermentation. The rice is then dried, retaining a minimal amount of moisture, and ground into a fine powder. This is known as the pithi, and is mixed with an equal amount of sugar

This mix can be stored for a long time at room temperature as long as it is sealed in an airtight container to prevent the moisture from soaking the sugar further. A mashed half-inch piece of banana is mixed into the previously prepared dough-balls to help the sugar to dissolve. The resultant dough should be very soft but retain its shape. Small flat discs with about two inches in diameter are formed by flattening a small ball of the dough over a layer of poppy seeds, on one side only. These disks are fried in hot ghee, poppy-coated side first.



Shankarpali is a deep-fried Indian sweet & savory snack widely available in shops; people usually purchase ready-made shankarpali during the year and only prepare it at home during Diwali. In Maharashtra, this snack is named “Shankapali” & in Gujarat, this snack is named “Shakarpara The ingredients used to make dough are milk, sugar, ghee, maida & semolina.

Method to make Shankarpali:

  • Boil the milk, and dissolve the sugar in the hot milk.
  • Then add the ghee and salt and mix well.
  • Remove this mixture from the fire and add maida and semolina (slightly fried) to the mix.
  • Knead the dough and let it rest for 2–3 hours.
  • Roll the dough into a chapati with a rolling pin and cut the dough into diamond-shaped shankarpali
  • Fry in ghee until brown.



MohanThal is an exotic gram flour fudge made especially in Gujarat & Rajasthan. It has a significant resemblance to Mysore Pak also known as Besan Burfi but both differ in texture. Roast the besan in ghee & add it to 3 string sugar syrup. Then add Khoya to this mixture & keep mixing it well till it forms a soft dough. Put this mixture in a tray and set it for 5-6 hours. Garnish it with dry fruits flakes and edible silver. Then cut it into square-shaped pieces.



Besan Ladoo is rich in taste & soft in texture. It is made from chickpea flour, powdered sugar & cardamom. Roast the besan in ghee, let it cool down. Then add powdered sugar & cardamom powder for flavor. Start rolling it into spherical little fudge balls known as “Ladoos” or “Laddus”. The moment you put this ladoo in mouth, you will get a creamish, melt-in-mouth feel. This is quickly made sweet especially during the time of Diwali


Well, that comes to the end of this blog. Hope now there will be no confusion on which Diwali sweets to make at home.

Try making the best Indian sweet recipes at home this Diwali, add your variations to it & bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones


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